Happiness – Part 2

Maira apne cubicle mein jaakar settle ho gayi. Jaise hi usne apna laptop open kiya, uske ek colleague, Riya, ne aakar us greet kiya. Riya: Good morning, Maira. Maira: Good morning. Riya ne phir bataya ki unke Project Managr ka transfer ho gaya hai aur uske jagah par koi aur Project manager aane wala hai. [...]

You are Mine! – Part 5

Fantasyyeye's Blog Veer was waiting for his turn to be with Shalu alone. When the family members were speaking amongst themselves, Shalu's mother advised her to show her room to Veer; so that the couple gets some space. Shalu felt trapped in the situation; she had no choice. Veer's heart leapt with joy when he [...]

You are Mine! – Part 4

Shalu’s family has everything set in the house. Shalu has draped herself up in saree, wearing the ornaments that her mother brought for her. While sitting in front of her dressing table, she kept staring at herself unconsciously. Her conscious continually battling against her decision, blaming her for not being brave enough to speak up [...]

You are Mine! – Part 3

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I hope this bible verse applies to Shalu’s life. There was a pin drop silence in Shalu’s room, no birds chirping. Shalu was still asleep, her eyes looked swollen, seemed liked the yoke of her decision was too heavy for her. In no [...]

Happiness! – Part 1

Yeh Maira ki kahani hai! Maira ek independent, working lady hai, jo apni married aur professional life ko balanced rakhna achchi tarah janti hai. Maira sheher ki ek software company mein software engineer ka kaam karti hai. Maira ka pati bhi ek software engineer hai par woh sheher ke dusre taraf ki ek MNC mein [...]

You are Mine! – Part 2

Fantasyyeye's Blog As Shalu was lost in her thoughts, her eyes caught a site of her phone’s screen on which she had left a contact dial incomplete. It was Karan’s number. Who is Karan? Let’s go to flashback. Shalu met Karan while  she was doing her graduation. Both were in the same class, same friend [...]

You are Mine! – Part 1

Fantasyyeyes' Blog This is Shalini’s story. Everyone called her 'Shalu' and this 'Everyone' includes her family and her college friends. May be even her school friends, who knows! But that’s none of our concern right now because I don’t think they play a part in her life anymore. More about her would be that she [...]